by Séverine Meier, ceo of SA - November 2020

Who framed


A pamphlet about the power in Neuchâtel, or the explanation that I owe to Neuchâtel citizen about Heidi's setbacks.

The values ​​that Johanna Spyri instilled in Heidi in 1880  have never been more modern & necessary than today:

Friendship, solidarity, sense of honor and justice.

This pamphlet is highlighting what betrayed them.


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"Why is Mrs Thinghammy so angry with you?" » asks my 7 year old son.

Mrs Thingammy is the imaginary character that he invented to embody all these people, it is true, very dissatisfied who call me or write to me daily to ask me who an invoice, who proofs, who my office, my apartment my stock, my furniture, my car, my company, my bankruptcy.

I don't know where this rather ugly name came from, or why

he sees a woman in this allegorical representative of my enemies.
My little theory is that he knows that women are often more peaceful, more sensitive - therefore in his world "nicer" -

and so that Mrs Thingammy will probably not do much harm to her mother. After gently scolding her for not paying her bills

in time, Mrs Thingammy will end up smiling at her and hugging her, telling her that it's okay and that she loves him all the same.

The reality is quite different. If the people who animate

Mrs Thingammy are for the most part very commendable people, even victims, there are a few who stand out and have nothing to do with the good-natured character of the imaginary avatar of my son. No. There are predators. Corporate killers. And they stop at nothing.

"Who Wants Heidi Skin?" "Is a thriller. It has all the characteristics of it: extravagant characters, real scary villains, a very dark scenario, breathtaking scenes, incredible twists, investigators, cowardice, powerful, dough, lack of dough and, of course, murder. Or rather an attempted murder because the victim is still breathing. She is a small and rosy-cheeked shepherdess. Her name is Heidi. Except that this story is not a fiction. It is real.

And that's why this thriller is so scary ...

Beyond the thriller, this story constitutes the explanation that I owe to Neuchâtel residents on what happened to "their", why she is down and above all WHO wishes her death today. Of course, we also made mistakes. I made huge mistakes. I will not dodge them. I will assume them and - if given the opportunity - I will do ANYTHING to fix them. To save Heidi and all the battered partners who chose to keep their trust in me in the storm.


My approach is also intended to settle accounts. Some people sleep way too well for my liking when they've done things that should keep them from doing it for the rest of their lives. My story will wake up these sleepers and confront them with their responsibilities. This will be published by chapter, regularly, each allowing to advance further in the plot, to collect clues, to get an idea of ​​the values ​​of the different protagonists. It will end with a final verdict in which all readers can participate and even vote to find out "Who Wants Heidi Skin".

The first chapter is devoted to the presentation of the characters of my History ...